Tips and Tricks for Building Rapport With Anyone

28 Apr Tips and Tricks for Building Rapport With Anyone

You need to foster relationships to acquire the support needed to advance your career, and all relationships begin with a bit of rapport. If you’ve heard the saying that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, you know those first few moments of personal contact matter greatly. Our Momentum Marketing Group associates have learned some helpful networking tips from accomplished leaders, and we offer a few of them here.

For instance, Kim Kaupe of ZinePak likes to find mutual acquaintances. She says, “Using LinkedIn or Facebook, it is easy to see if your newest client is also connected to your old college roommate, cousin or previous coworker. Having an acquaintance in common instantly eases the tension.”

Leadership by example is a standard practice at Momentum Marketing Group. It should come as no surprise that we fully agree with Luigi Wewege’s suggestion to work alongside people. The President and CEO of Vivier Group states, “As a senior manager, I have decided to make a conscious effort to work with new hires on a more regular basis. By working alongside them as colleagues, I have been able to not only improve the rapport I have with them, but also gain insight into the real working habits of my team.”

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