Tend Your Team Like a Garden

18 Jul Tend Your Team Like a Garden

Gardening may not be the first thing you think of when you look at your team members, but it’s a fair analogy. We treat our Momentum Marketing Group office as a kind of planting bed, using a few gardening-inspired strategies to guide our team’s professional development.

Just as we need to plan around the needs of the plants we want in our garden, we should be conscious of our team members’ strengths and weaknesses as we create developmental programs. We do our best to maintain a structure that helps each of our associates thrive, keeping their individual styles of work and learning in mind.

In our gardens, we take time to turn the soil and eliminate rocks and debris. We want to give our team members a fertile foundation as well, which is why we send them to conferences and networking events throughout the year. They build their contact lists, gain valuable new insights, and build Momentum Marketing Group’s reputation along the way.

It’s also important to prune older growth and remove weeds from a garden, which is why we monitor how we can keep our people focused on our key objectives. If there are smaller projects distracting their energies, we cut back on them accordingly.

These strategies help us maximize the yield from our garden of professional talent. For more of our team-building insights, follow Momentum Marketing Group on Twitter.

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