Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Success

20 Sep Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Success

Here’s a truth that most people never recognize: to succeed, one must step outside of his or her comfort zone. In our Momentum Marketing Group coaching program, we allow our people room to learn and grow professionally and personally. Those individuals who are ambitious and willing to take chances fare best. Here are three practices that can help anyone step into the success zone:

• Own Your Fears: One of the reasons people don’t reach their goals is something holds them back. That something is usually their own fear. In our Momentum Marketing Group office, we encourage our people to take risks in order to innovate. To do so, we must address those mental obstacles that prevent us from stepping outside our comfort zones to get what we want.

• Find Inspiration: Getting our minds engaged in accomplishing our goals means finding inspiration. As we have discussed in our Momentum Marketing Group brainstorming sessions, stimulus can be found almost anywhere. We might try taking a long walk in nature or visiting a museum to spark our imagination.

• Embrace Downtime: Motivation requires energy. Without physical and mental breaks, our productivity suffers. Therefore, we encourage our team to enjoy their downtime so that they can feel rejuvenated and ready to take on projects with gusto.

Success means taking chances.

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