Public Speaking Made a Bit Easier

18 Jul Public Speaking Made a Bit Easier

Steady improvement is a key part of the Momentum Marketing Group ethos. With every new challenge we take on, we try to do a little better than the previous attempt. This extends to speeches we deliver in front of large audiences. Through the following simple strategies, we make every presentation we give a bit more effective than the last.

One way to present like a pro is to memorize main talking points. We put in enough preparation to avoid having to read from note cards, which helps us look like experts in our chosen subject. In our experience, knowing our stuff well enough to speak with minimal notes also helps us establish a better rhythm.

We’ve also learned to plant our feet to maintain a comfortable stance throughout every speech we deliver. If we feel like moving around a bit, we step out from behind the podium to do so. Any fidgeting or swaying from side to side is distracting for the audience, so we project confidence through solid postures.

Eye contact is another essential element of every Momentum Marketing Group presentation. We use one strategy in particular – finding the most attentive audience members. Once we home in on these good listeners, we revisit them every once in a while during the speech. Each time we do so, we get a quick confidence boost that helps us highlight the next point.

We’re applying these methods to make our speeches more effective. Check out the Momentum Marketing Group Newswire to find more of our best public speaking tips.

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