Momentum Marketing Group Attends Boat Cruise

Momentum Marketing Group Attends Boat Cruise

06 Jun Momentum Marketing Group Attends Boat Cruise

One thing that we love here at Momentum Marketing Group is… momentum. That’s why we’re honored to have representatives from our company attending a boat cruise with leading sales and marketing consultants from across the region, and the country, in Newport Beach on June 1.

The main objective of this cruise, as well as getting the opportunity to get some fresh sea air and take in amazing sights, is to ensure that we propel our business, and our staff, to dazzling new heights. With techniques being shared on how to be successful, and seminars on how to improve further, this is an exciting networking opportunity that will help us to serve our clients in innovative new ways.

In addition, it shows our employees exactly what’s achievable with a bit of hard work. We also hope that the enthusiasm will give a boost to the consumers who we connect with on a daily basis. Stay tuned into our blog for updates on how the boat cruise went.

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