Motivational Methods That Really Work

18 Jul Motivational Methods That Really Work

Steady motivation is a key ingredient in our Momentum Marketing Group recipe for success. We use a few specific strategies to keep our people engaged and on the right track. Here are the methods we’ve found most helpful in maintaining a motivated team.

We show our people how their contributions impact Momentum Marketing Group’s larger goals. Along the way, we recognize the small victories our associates notch and the effort they put in to do so. By showing how much we value their hard work, we inspire them to keep applying their unique talents to new challenges.

Positive reinforcement in general is a good motivational tactic. We don’t wait for scheduled performance reviews to tell our team members what they’re doing well; we offer personalized notes of gratitude to keep them engaged.

We’ve also found travel events to be some of the best motivators. From conferences to exotic retreats, we put some exciting getaways up for grabs around our office. Whether they hit the road to learn new techniques, make new contacts, or just recharge their batteries, our team members love to travel. One bonus of these incentives is that when they get their competitive juices flowing, our people find talents they weren’t aware of previously.

These motivational methods are helping us stay ahead of the competition. Find more of our insights on motivation by following Momentum Marketing Group on Twitter.

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