How to Make Social Impact a Core Company Value

18 Jul How to Make Social Impact a Core Company Value

Making an impact in our community has always been a core Momentum Marketing Group principle. Through our efforts, we’ve discovered a few key strategies for building social awareness and impact into your company culture. Here are a few places to start to make a commitment to giving.

Figure out what type of unique value your company can offer to worthy causes in your area. Not only will this help you home in on your firm’s identity, it will help your associates find the best ways to use their unique talents. When you find nonprofits about which your people are passionate, you’ll be well prepared to lend value through specialized skills.

We’ve also learned the importance of group dedication to social impact. Every team member needs to be involved in philanthropic measures, but it’s important to have a smaller group responsible for planning giveback events. Around the Momentum Marketing Group office, we’ve discovered that rotating members of a social awareness team is a good approach.

Setting goals for community impact is also important, because it holds you accountable and makes it easier to gauge progress. Measuring monthly or quarterly giving are effective ways to stay on track throughout the year and reach your charitable objectives.

These simple methods have helped us maintain our commitment to giving back. Like Momentum Marketing Group on Facebook for more on how we make a social impact.

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