Make an Impact Through Ethics

17 Mar Make an Impact Through Ethics

Despite what many people think, ethics in business are not dying. As long as leaders take active roles in the development and enforcement of company values and missions, they will push their people in the right directions. Our Momentum Marketing Group leaders have learned that this requires ample confidence and preparation. Here are some ways you can establish a culture of ethics in your office:

Set Ground Rules: When you set clear guidelines for potential ethical dilemmas, the process of resolving them will be as straightforward as possible. Determining which issues and actions violated certain ground rules means you can address them and hopefully prevent them from occurring in the future.

Think Backward: If a question of ethics arises, meet with your colleagues to identify each potential course of action and the outcomes it will yield. Once you do so, think backward through all the required steps until you arrive at where you are currently. Doing so will reveal unstated agendas and offer some clarity.

Consider Global Impact: Ultimately, the best way to proceed will be to go with the option that offers the greatest degree of benefit for everyone involved – without crossing any boundaries. It will be tricky, but our Momentum Marketing Group team contends that the effort will be worthwhile in the long run.

These tips will guide you as you do what’s right for your team and your company. Get more insights from the Momentum Marketing Group website,

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