Jennifer Receives Well-Earned Recognition

17 Aug Jennifer Receives Well-Earned Recognition

As our associates climb up the Momentum Marketing Group promotion ladder, we’re sure to put them in the spotlight. Jennifer has become one of our top campaign managers through her determined efforts. We’re happy to give her some well-earned recognition.

“Jennifer is a natural leader who is great with events,” stated Jessica, our Director of Operations. “She’s currently running morning meetings, along with other extra responsibilities around our office.” Jennifer is also a mom, with her kids serving as her primary sources of motivation.

Setting a positive example for colleagues is one key attribute found in people who earn regular promotions. Jennifer does this in a few key ways, including her ability to set and achieve clear goals. She also measures her progress in order to make the right adjustments along the way, inspiring her teammates to use the same approach.

Jessica continued, “Jennifer is also committed to constant improvement. This is another way she sets the right example for her Momentum Marketing Group teammates. She asks questions and seeks out feedback from her supervisors. From there, she applies what she learns to build on her unique strengths and get closer to her ultimate goals.”

Jennifer is a perfect fit for our advancement-focused work culture. She also displays the key traits of a future leader. Check out the Momentum Marketing Group Newswire for more on our top performers.


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