Hand Gestures for Improved Public Speaking

30 Jun Hand Gestures for Improved Public Speaking

We’re in the habit of exchanging public speaking tips around the Momentum Marketing Group office. Although vocal techniques and practice methods are commonly discussed, we also talk about the value of hand gestures. Here are a few such movements we have found to be particularly useful when addressing an audience.


Whenever we mention a number during a speech, we like to show that number to our listeners with our fingers. This is a simple way to make key points more memorable to your audience members, because they’ll have an extra signifier to help them retain the information.


We also use our hands for comparisons and distinctions between two concepts. We have found this to be effective in helping audience members keep track of what we’re discussing, especially when the topic is a complex one. Raising each hand a bit with every additional point is also a useful device.


We emphasize two things being brought together by bringing our hands closer together. This is especially helpful when discussing how Momentum Marketing Group bridges the gap between consumers and the brands we represent. This basic visual element communicates how much we care about the impact our work makes on people’s lives.


These hand gestures help us make stronger impressions on audience members when we deliver speeches.

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