What Bosses Want (But Might Not Ask) and How to Deliver

20 Sep What Bosses Want (But Might Not Ask) and How to Deliver

In our Momentum Marketing Group culture, we empower our people to do what they need to do to accomplish their goals. With that said, there are expectations associates should keep in mind when working independently. Here are three sometimes unspoken managerial needs:

• Step Up: In the Momentum Marketing Group office, we encourage our people to take the lead and assume ownership of projects or tasks. Busy managers tend to be impressed by people who are willing to step up and volunteer without prodding. This saves them from having to delegate as well.

• Speak Up When Struggling: It’s human nature for individuals who are either overwhelmed, or not grasping material, to wait too long to speak up and ask for help. Most managers would rather their people be proactive and let them know when a situation requires more help from them. This practice allows them to throw more resources at an issue, whether it’s distributing the workload more efficiently or providing additional support and training.

• Ask Questions and Offer Input: Managers appreciate people who ask questions and seek clarity. In our Momentum Marketing Group work environment, our people know that their input is valued. They can share their thoughts freely and provide feedback to managers so that we can help them.

We strive to provide our people with room to become leaders themselves.

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